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We will organize the creation of your optics brand at Chinese factories
We will help you to create your optics brand or your own collection of glasses, manufactured in China
Do you want to create your own Private Lable
of eyeglass frames and sunglasses?
We provide assistance in organizing the production processes
and communication with manufacturers
Have a thought about your own optics brand creation?
Cannot find high quality production for your project?
Do you want to create an author's collection of high-quality accessories in the field of optics?
Do not know how to negotiate with factories in China?
We will save your time and money.
If you were looking for an opportunity to create your own optics production in China and did not know how to reach agreement with the manufacturers – we know how, and we have been doing this successfully for 20 years.

With our help, you can be 100% sure of:
- production costs reduction;
- reducing the net cost of the product;
- saving time on the search for production;
- selecting the reliable and proven factories for production;
- receiving your product in time;
- guarantees and quality control of your products.
Service, warranty and attention to details
20 years
in the field of optics
During this time we have found the best and most reliable factories in China, and opened our office in Wenzhou city.
Over 50 successful cases
Launched and set up production of optical brands for different countries in Europe and the USA
100% production guarantee
Our company is responsible for the quality of products and the time starting from getting the order to the shipment of the ready products
3-steps product verification
1) at the moment of purchase of the material;
2) during production;
3) after the full production of the order.
How to get started
You send us a request
You send a request by the contact form or a call back
Discussion of problems and making up a work plan
Taking into account your plans and preferences, work plan development and approvement
Alignment of volumes and processes
The most thorough study of all your product requirements, preparation of the factories and plants, needed for your business
A trip to China for getting aquainted
with production and placing the orders

We draw up a trip plan and route, including visits to factories which meet the specified requirements for your production
Production facilities are located in the following cities
Hong Kong
Services and prices
Free of charge
  • The answer to all your questions

Order a service
Organization of production
Negotiable price
  • Business plan development
  • Selection of production sites
  • Trip to factories
  • Production control
  • Quality assurance
Order a service
Launch your business
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Enter your details in the form below to order a service

Адрес: 405 Feixia S Rd, Lucheng, Wenzhou, Zhejiang

Guihu Commercial Building
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